Terpenes make our CBD products unique and effective.

Terpenes are plant essential oils that have powerful affects on the body by themselves, and produce an “entourage” effect with cannabinoids through our endogenous cannabinoid receptors.

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2 thoughts on “Terpenes make our CBD products unique and effective.”

  1. Do you know when the tincture for neurological problems will be available this year? Will this help to stimulate muscle receptors and thus enable better movement. Is medical marijuana a better way to treat Parkinson’s patients that have slowness of movement. We can’t use that in Nebraska yet but just wondered what the differences are between that and zero THC.

    1. Luann,

      We recently added a more concentrated formula of RLF called RLF-RSO that is very concentrated. It also has cannabigerol (CBG) which stimulates neural cell growth. It will help Parkinson’s much better.

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